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“eHealthpoint: Healthcare for Rural India,” HBS Case 9-812-020
Harvard Business Review (2011)
  • Mona Sinha, Kennesaw State University
  • Richard Hamemermesh, Harvard Business School
  • Elizabeth Vrolyk, Harvard University
Healthpoint Services sought to address rural India's shortage of quality and affordable healthcare with a multi-service platform that comprised telemedical health clinics called eHealthpoints, clean drinking water, a diagnostic lab, and a pharmacy. Could they convince rural Indians to leapfrog from local healers to telemedicine? And could they convince Investors that their capital Intensive, bundled offering was a high-growth, self-sustaining venture? Healthpoint Services grappled with multiple challenges: changing mind-sets of patients and investors, generating traffic at their eHealthpoints, expanding their product portfolio, and growing within and outside India.
Publication Date
October 18, 2011
Citation Information
Mona Sinha, Richard Hamemermesh and Elizabeth Vrolyk. "“eHealthpoint: Healthcare for Rural India,” HBS Case 9-812-020" Harvard Business Review (2011)
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