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The quest for innovation and entrepreneurship : the changing role of university in East Asia
Globalisation, Societies and Education
  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK, Hong Kong Institute of Education
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Journal article
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  • entrepreneurship,
  • East Asia,
  • national innovation system,
  • research and development,
  • triple helix model
This article critically reviews the national innovation systems of the four little tigers in East Asia, namely Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea, in fostering R&D and technological research. A national innovation system is characterised by the interactions between the state, industries and universities in promoting innovation. This article attempts to explore such interactions in the four societies, paying particular attention to the role of higher education. Specifically, university–industry collaboration is the main body of analysis. Drawing from comparative perspectives, this article finally maps out the national innovation systems of East Asia.
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Mok, K. H. (2012). The quest for innovation and entrepreneurship: The changing role of university in East Asia. Globalisation, Societies and Education, 10(3), 317-335. doi: 10.1080/14767724.2012.710120