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打造亚洲教育枢纽 : 香港的经验
北京大学教育评论 = Peking University Education
  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Becoming a regional education hub in Asia : Hong Kong's experience
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Journal article
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  • 教育枢纽,
  • 大学排名,
  • 全球竞争力,
  • 新经济支柱

为了将香港打造成亚洲教育的枢纽, 香港特区政府大力推动高等教育的发展。近年来,香港高等教育发展取得卓越的成绩, 香港的大学在全球大学中排名领先, 并成为国际标杆。本文旨在探讨香港建构亚洲教育枢纽的经验,重点分析其中的挑战和机遇。

Aspiring to become a regional education hub in Asia, the Hong Kong SAR Government has made serious attempts to develop and further enhance higher education. The success of higher education in Hong Kong has been shown by international benchmarking and revealed by the higher ranking of Hong Kong universities in the global university league. This paper critically examines Hong Kong's experience in establishing itself into a regional education hub with particular reference to the challenges and opportunities.

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莫家豪 (2016)。打造亚洲教育枢纽 : 香港的经验 = Becoming a regional education hub in Asia: Hong Kong's experience。《北京大学教育评论 = Peking University Education》,14(4),89-104、187。