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Higher education governance and policy in China : managing decentralization and transnationalism
Policy & Society (2017)
  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK
  • Xiao HAN
China has experienced significant social, economic, and political transformations since its economic reform started in the late 1970s. Considerable changes in its policy-making and implementation approaches have also emerged. Confronted with the intensified tension between the call for efficiency and strong pressure to improve social welfare, the Chinese government had no choice but to become instrumentally pragmatic in adopting different governance strategies to address the increasingly complex social, economic, and political developments. Thus, neoliberal tenets were introduced. This article sets out to examine, against the wider policy context, how neoliberal tenets, particularly its emphasis on market principles, have been injected in higher education governance. This article aims to explore how the multi-faceted dynamics shaped the development of transnational higher education and influenced the governance of Sino-foreign cooperation universities. 
  • TNHE,
  • neoliberalism,
  • marketism,
  • multi-faceted dynamics,
  • transnationalism,
  • decentralization.
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Mok, K.H. and Han, X. (2017). Higher Education Governance and Policy in China: Managing Decentralization and Transnationalism. Policy and Society, 36(1), pp.34-48.