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Managing international connectivity, diversity of learning and changing labour markets : East Asian perspectives
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  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Edited book
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Springer Singapore

This book examines how major Asian cities have enhanced their global competitiveness by transforming their higher education systems to equip their graduates with global competence. It primarily focuses on policy implications and urban governance, especially comparing how governments are responding to the growing challenges of international connectivity and are managing the diversity of populations resulting from an increasingly globalized world.

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This volume is developed from selected papers presented at the 2013 Annual Conference of The Hong Kong Educational Research Association with a theme of “Managing International Connectivity and Diversity: Experiences of Asian World Cities”, the 10th East Asia Social Policy (EASP) Conference organized successfully at Beijing Normal University in July 2013, as well as another international conference related to the theme of “Managing Global Cities: Enhancing Hub Status and Implications for Education and Development”, which was successfully held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education in February 2014.
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Mok, K. H. (Ed.) (2017). Managing international connectivity, diversity of learning and changing labour markets: East Asian perspectives. Singapore: Springer Singapore.