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Globalization and higher educational restructuring in the four East Asian Little Dragons
Hong Kong Journal of Sociology = 香港社會學學報
  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK
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Journal article
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  • 全球化,
  • 東亞四小龍,
  • 教育政策,
  • 教育變革

Since the cold war ended in the late 1980s, people have begun to talk about the economic, social, political and cultural impact of globalization. Some golbalists argue that the external constraints upon states have significantly reduced the state's capacity to respond to changing and far more complicated socio-political-economic environments, thus pointing out the limitations of a state-centered approach in analyzing socio-economic developments. For radical globalists, the increasing interdependence and interconnectedness of nation-states have brought about a decline in the state as an autonomous decision-making body, while local policies are increasingly shaped by global trends. This paper examines how processesof globalization have led to the restructuring of higher education in the four East Asian Little Dragons, namely Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and south Korea. More specifically, thia paper discusses whether and how education policies and developments in the selected societies have been shaped by global trends toward decentralization and marketization in education. This paper also explores whether the role of nation-states has receded in the formulation of education policy in the context of globalization.


Citation Information
Mok, K.-h. (2003). Globalization and higher educational restructuring in the four East Asian Little Dragons = 全球化與東亞四小龍的教育變革. Hong Kong Journal of Sociology, 4, 27-56.