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跨越社会主义和全球资本主义 : 中国教育治理和社会政策范式的变革 (上)
高教发展与评估 = Higher Education Development and Evaluation
  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK, University of Hong Kong
Alternative Title
Riding over socialism and global capitalism : changes of education governance and social policy paradigms in post-Mao China (Part I)
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • 后毛泽东时期,
  • 教育治理,
  • 社会政策范式,
  • post-Mao China,
  • education governance,
  • social policy paradigms

为了应对全球化的挑战,后毛泽东时期的中国在社会政策领域采取了诸如私有化、市场化、商品化和社会化的战略来重新界定政府、市场和其他涉及社会政策提供和资助的非政府部门之间的关系。尤其是国有企业改革和政府在社会政策提供方面的去垄断化带来了后毛泽东时期福利制度的重大变革。从“跨越社会主义和全球资本主义”这一主题来考察中国政府为了应对日益增长的全球化影响,如何采取新的治理战略改革社会政策。特别是关注近30年来高等教育治理的三个主要方面, 即提供、资助和管制,是如何变革的。

With the challenges of globalization, various reform measures, in the field of social policy, have been initiated in post-Mao China .Strategies such as privatization, marketization, commodification and societalization have been adopted to redefine the relationship between the state, market and other non-state sectors involved in social policy provision and financing .In particular, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and the de-monopolization of the state in social policy provision has inevitably led to significant change s in the post-Mao welfare regime .This paper has chosen a theme "riding over socialism and global capitalism" to examine how the Chinese government reinvent s its social policy delivery by adopting new governance strategies to cope with the gr owing impacts of globalization. With particular reference to higher education, this paper focuses on how the three major aspects of higher education governance, namely , provision, financing and regulation, have changed since the economic reform started in the late 1970s.The paper concludes by asking whether the introduction of new governance strategies and new reform strategies in education have weakened the state capacity .

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Citation Information
莫家豪 (2009)。跨越社会主义和全球资本主义: 中国教育治理和社会政策范式的变革 (上) = Riding over socialism and global capitalism: Changes of education governance and social policy paradigms in post-Mao China (Part I)。《高教发展与评估》,25(5),13-26, 120-121。