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中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review
  • Ka Ho, Joshua MOK, University of Hong Kong; University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Alternative Title
Governing through governance : changing social policy paradigms in contemporary China
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Journal article
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  • 社会政策,
  • 政策范式,
  • 教育政策,
  • 医疗政策,
  • 治理,
  • social policy,
  • policy paradigm,
  • education policy,
  • health policy,
  • governance
20世纪80年代以来,为了应对全球化的挑战,社会政策领域兴起了各种形式的改革。民营化、市场化、商品化以及社会化等一系列战略的运用,改变了政府、市场以及非政府部门在社会政策供给和筹资中的地位。尤其需要指出的是,国有企业重组以及取消政府在社会政策供给上的垄断,不可避免地引起了改革开放时代中国福利体制的重大变革。基于这一大的政策背景,本文以两个主要的社会政策领域一教育和医疗卫生领域为例,考察改革开放时代中国政府如何改革中国城市的社会政策,尤其是考察在这些社会政策领域是否存在社会政策治理的范式转变。具体地说,本文旨在探讨中囯教育和卫生部门改革中新治理战略的引进是否削弱以及如何削弱了国家在公共政策过程中的能力。 In coping with the challenges of globalization, various reform measures in the field of social policy have been initiated in recent years. Strategies of privatization, marketization, commodification and societalization have been adopted to redefine the relationship between the state, the market and other non-state sectors in social policy provision and financing. In particular, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and the de-monopolization of the state in social policy provision have inevitably led to significant changes in the welfare regime of modern China. This paper sets out in this wider policy context to examine how the Chinese government have reformed its social policy sectors. Most important of all, this paper has chosen a theme of "governing through governance" to reflect upon how the Chinese government reinvents its public policy delivery by adopting new governance strategies. In examining whether the education and health sectors have had paradigm shifts in social policy governance, this paper focuses on how such paradigms evolve, and in what way such shifts have affected social policy financing, provision and regulation. This paper concludes by discussing whether the introduction of new governance strategies and new reform strategies in education and health has weakened the state capacity.
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莫家豪 (2008)。改革开放以来中国社会政策范式的转变 = Governing through governance: Changing social policy paradigms in contemporary China。《中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review》,2,1-20。