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"Big History and the Goals of Liberal Education”
Teaching Big History (2015)
  • Mojgan Behmand, Office of Academic Affairs, Dominican University of Callifornia
"...This vision of education as a laying a moral obligation the educated and serving to advance the good of the larger community has always resonated with Dominican educators, whose traditional ideals are study, reflection,, community, and service. Notably, the course components of liberal education have been subject to reevaluation and revision over the years, but the desired outcomes of such an education have remained the same. Accordingly, Dominican embraced it history of liberal education." ~ chapter excerpt
  • liberal eduation,
  • Dominican,
  • Higher Education,
  • Big History
Publication Date
December 23, 2015
Richard B. Simon, Mojgan Behmand and Thomas Burke
University of California Press
Citation Information
Mojgan Behmand. ""Big History and the Goals of Liberal Education”" Berkeley, CATeaching Big History (2015) p. 21 - 26
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