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High operating steam pressure and localized overheating of a primary superheater tube
Engineering Failure Analysis (2012)
  • Mohsen Abdul Naeim Hassan

Common boiler sites which likely have tube failures due to short-term overheating are superheaters and reheaters. Severe short-term overheating caused by an unusual operating condition occurs when the tube temperature significantly rises above design limits for a brief period. Therefore, immediate investigation on unusual occurrences preceding failure may be extremely important in identifying the cause of failure. The efforts should be thoroughly addressed to the operating procedures and system design. This paper presents failure evaluation on a primary superheater tube of a power plant. In situ hardness measurements on the selected region of the failed primary superheater tube were carried out. The average hardness was then used for estimating the average operating temperature prior to failure. Creep analysis was conducted to confirm whether or not the creep damage contributed to the failure. Microstructures of the as-received tube were observed through microscopic examinations. Similar incidents occurred at the different units of the power plant in 2007 were reported by Purbolaksono

  • coal-fired boiler,
  • steam pressure,
  • low ash fusion temperature,
  • localized overheating,
  • failure
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Mohsen Abdul Naeim Hassan. "High operating steam pressure and localized overheating of a primary superheater tube" Engineering Failure Analysis Vol. 26 (2012)
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