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Structural, Optical and Dielectric properties of alkaline earth metal doped CaF2 nanoparticles
J. Adv. Microsc. Res. (2013)
  • Mohammad Ehtisham Khan, School of Chemical Engineering Yeungnam University
Pure and doped (with Sr, Mg, Ba) CaF2 NPs have been synthesized by Co-precipitation method
from chloride of all metals and ammonium fluoride. The synthesized nanoparticles were further
characterized by XRD, FTIR, UV-VIS, AFM, SEM and EDX techniques. The results of SEM clearly
show that the sizes of the particles are in nanometer range and are ultrafine. XRD spectra shows
that the nanoparticles are present in the single phase and no impurity were observed as there is
no extra peak found. FT-IR spectra reveal the presence of fluoride bond. EDX spectra clearly show
the presence of dopant. UV-VIS was used to check the optical properties and band gap (Eg) of all
samples. LCR meter was used to study the dielectric properties. The dielectric properties show that
there is an increase in dielectric constant by the doping of alkaline earth metal. It was observed
that doping causes increase in the ac conductivity of the nanoparticles as compared with the pure
nanoparticles and Sr doped nanoparticles shows highest ac conductivity and lowest impedance as
compared to the other prepared samples. It was also observed that doping of Mg affects the optical
properties effectively and absorption maxima were increased due to Mg doping.
  • CaF2 NPs,
  • XRD,
  • AFM,
  • UV-VIS,
  • SEM,
  • EDX,
  • Dielectric studies
Publication Date
Winter August 3, 2013
Citation Information
Mohammad Ehtisham Khan. "Structural, Optical and Dielectric properties of alkaline earth metal doped CaF2 nanoparticles" J. Adv. Microsc. Res. (2013)
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