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Determinants of Doing Business Reforms
  • Mohammad Amin
  • Simeon Djankov

This note identifies quality of democracy and amount of natural resources as important determinants of Doing Business reforms. Reforms are more likely in countries with better democracy and less reliance on natural resources. Differences across countries in overall development as measured by income per capita; initial quality of business environment; and ethnic, linguistic, and religious fractionalization within a country have little to do with the proclivity to reform. Additionally, there is no evidence of reform fatigue. In fact, past reformers are much more likely to reform in the future than nonreformers.

  • Reforms,
  • Doing Business,
  • Democracy,
  • Natural Resources
Publication Date
September, 2009
Citation Information
Mohammad Amin and Simeon Djankov. Determinants of Doing Business Reforms. (2009)
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