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Fuel Cell Battery Hybrid Powered Aerial Vehicle
  • Mohammad Biswas, University of Texas at Tyler
The focus will be on the simulation and performance of the hybrid APU unit with specific emphasis
on the modeling of the two types of fuel cells. The literature model shown in Figure 1 presents a
hydrogen fueled PEMFC integrated system. Although there are opportunities of methanol fuel
cell in commercial applications (e.g. MeOH Power), there are rarely publications that analyzes
methanol fueled PEMFC or direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) for aerial vehicle applications. The
PI has worked on a project related to DMFC for portable laptop computers where a DMFC system
model was developed to predict the power performance under various conditions [3]. The model
was integrated with the hybrid battery system in MATLAB® to simulate the performance, which
matched well with the empirical data. A similar approach will be employed to develop a well approximated
model that predicts the performance and can readily be integrated with the system
model shown in Figure 1. The results obtained will be then used to recommend the more robust
option for the integration of the devices with an aircraft system.
  • hybrid powered aerial vehicle,
  • fuel cells
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Biswas, Mohammad (PI:100%) Fuel Cell Battery Hybrid Powered Aerial Vehicle , UT Tyler Office of Research and Technology Transfer (September 1, 2015 - May 1, 2016), USD 9,499.00 Funded - In Progress Fall 2015