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Amiable Composition and Ex Aequo et Bono Arbitration
Law Journal of Nigeria (2013)
  • Mohamed Raffa
  • Mohamed Raffa

Amiable Composition and arbitration ex aequo et bono are variations of commercial arbitration in which the parties expressly agree that the Arbitrator is not bound by strict rules of law and is free to give effect to general considerations of equity and fair-play on an award decided upon being equitable and bona fide.

  • Amiable Composition,
  • Ex Aequo et Bono,
  • Amiable Compositeur
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Publisher Statement
While arbitrators try to reach an award which they may consider equitable, unbiased and just, can an arbitrator deviate from or modify the arbitration agreement of the parties?
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Mohamed Raffa and Mohamed Raffa. "Amiable Composition and Ex Aequo et Bono Arbitration" Law Journal of Nigeria (2013)
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