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About Mohamed Solieman

My doctoral work was on The edicts of Roman Prefects in Egypt, edicts based around the Roman rule which engages with the contemporary government and political world under the Roman Emperors. As well as publishing the most detailed commentary on edicts, I have conducted specific research into what the texts can tell us about the complexity of meaning the Roman administration in Egypt; the significance of religious needs; and changing attitudes to a new system.
I have enjoyed working on such a multi-faceted Edicts. Working with such Praefectii, however, has strengthened my belief that texts are always the product of the society in which they are produced, and that they have something valuable to say about that society. From These edicts, and the Roman administration in Egypt, I have since conducted research into texts from other periods of Ptolemaic history to see what information that can offer about the socio-political context of their production.
I have developed particular interests in the reign of Seleucid . Three articles explore administrative questions in Palestine, and these views are informing a book on Seleucid rule (forthcoming)in which I explore a range of sources in an attempt to uncover of the socio-political climate in this area under the Seleucids.
I have also developed interests in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt namely administrative matters. My paper Tesserarius and qudrarius in fourth century Egypt in the forthcoming 26th International Congress of Papyrology proceedings ( Geneva 2010) has provided the starting point for a major book-length study on Roman administration in Egypt in fourth century.


Present Associate Professor of Greek and Roman History, University of Leeds

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