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Domain-Specific Application Frameworks: Frameworks Experience by Industry
  • Mohamed Fayad
  • Ralph E. Johnson
Object Technology An invaluable collection of domain-specific frameworks Domain-Specific Application Frameworks Frameworks provide generic software architectures that can be reused, indefinitely, to generate new applications. But they don't readily translate from one business or industry domain to another. A telecommunications framework looks very different from a currency trading framework, for instance. Developers need instruction on how to build frameworks specific to the domains for which they program. Now, this book/CD-ROM package gives developers models-and much more. Each chapter is built around a case study reporting a major framework implementation or customization project. The 30 examples contained in the book cover an array of application domains, including: * Flexible manufacturing architectures * Computer-integrated manufacturing * New generation control systems * Concurrent engineering * Reliable distributed computing * High-performance Web servers * Multimedia telecommunications * Networking and telecommunications * Industrial visualization * And many others The enclosed CD-ROM gives you: * Example frameworks * Documentation and manuals * Framework code and implementation tips * Sample framework architectures and models * Design patterns and presentations * Animated demonstrations
  • Frameworks,
  • Domain,
  • Computer,
  • Computer engineering,
  • Programming
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Mohamed Fayad and Ralph E. Johnson. Domain-Specific Application Frameworks: Frameworks Experience by Industry. (1999)
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