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BPS brane cosmology in N=2 supergravity
Classical and Quantum Gravity (2015)
  • Moataz Emam
We study the embedding of flat BPS 3-branes in five dimensional N=2 supergravity theory. We derive the branes' dynamical equations as well as general expressions for the hypermultiplet fields then focus on a single brane and study its time evolution. It is shown that the brane's Hubble parameter correlates with the moduli of the underlying manifold's complex structure. For certain particular solutions, the moduli seem to exhibit an instability; being large valued at early times then rapidly decaying to either zero or some convergent constant value. The possibility of extending these results to the cosmology of our universe is implied and briefly discussed. Our results are in line with the production and decay of heavy moduli in the early universe, as is currently believed in the literature.
Publication Date
September, 2015
Citation Information
Moataz Emam. "BPS brane cosmology in N=2 supergravity" Classical and Quantum Gravity Vol. 32 (2015)
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