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Educating the Ethical Practitioner
Reconciling Poetics and Ethics Conference: Montreal, PQ, Canada
  • Marc J. Neveu, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
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My talk today will be about my own thoughts regarding architecture education. My intention is not dictate a method for others to follow, but rather to open up a discussion of a topic that is central to many of us. I will begin with the findings of a study made by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching on architecture education known as the Boyer Report. I will then discuss the work of Donald Schön as it supports the report’s general conclusions. Though I see much merit in Schön’s proposals as well as the assessment made by the Boyer Report, I would argue that a more nuanced approach is required. I will propose, therefore, that a means of architectural education as based on the Socratic method is a more constructive way of architecture education. The discussion that follows is based primarily on early Socratic dialogues and I will specifically use the Charmides to discuss the issues that I believe are relevant to studio pedagogy.

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Conference hosted by the Canadian Center for Architecture.
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Marc J. Neveu. "Educating the Ethical Practitioner" Reconciling Poetics and Ethics Conference: Montreal, PQ, Canada (2007)
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