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Polymer-based Nanocomposites-Sept2017.pdf
  • Mohammad Mansoob Khan, Dr
Polymer-Based Nanocomposites for Energy and Environmental Applications provides a comprehensive and updated review of major innovations in the field of polymer-based nanocomposites for energy and environmental applications. It covers properties and applications, including the synthesis of polymer based nanocomposites from different sources and tactics on the efficacy and major challenges associated with successful scale-up fabrication. The chapters provide cutting-edge, up-to-date research findings on the use of polymer based nanocomposites in energy and environmental applications, while also detailing how to achieve material’s characteristics and significant enhancements in physical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties.

It is an essential reference for future research in polymer based nanocomposites as topics such as sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly methods for highly innovative and applied materials are current topics of importance.
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Publication Date
Winter January 10, 2018
Mohammad Jawaid and Mohammad Mansoob Khan
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Mohammad Mansoob Khan. Polymer-based Nanocomposites-Sept2017.pdf. 1(2018)
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