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About Matthijs den Besten

My work up to now has mainly been at the intersection between computer science and social science. My research has been concerned with the study of problem solving practices. From this perspective, my thesis can be read as an attempt to model an agent who tries to improve an algorithm for combinatorial optimization by trial and error. In my subsequent postdoctoral work, I moved from the study of a representative agents to the study of multiple agents as I assessed how the framework of multi-agent based modelling could be applied to the analysis of strategic behaviour by actors in the digital economy. Next, I focussed on the gathering and analysis of empirical data to inform and validate a model of code development in open source communities that has been developed by colleagues. I then extended the scope of my research to distributed problem solving in general including scientific work and more recently I have been exploring the potential for staging controlled experiments on this topic.


Present Faculty Member, Ecole Polytechnique de Palaiseau
Present Assistant Professor, Montpellier Research in Management

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Contact Information

2300, Avenue des Moulins
34185 Montpellier Cedex 4


Microeconomics of competition and cooperation (1)

e-Science (4)

Peer Production (4)