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Text to Fit: Text Messaging Services and Your Library
Handheld Librarian Conference II (2010)
  • Michelle Jacobs
  • Brena Smith
Mobile Technologies have opened a whole new way to deliver information to library patrons. At UCLA, College Library, the Undergraduate Library, began a year long beta program for text messaging a librarian. Join us as we discuss everything from service providers and delivery modes, to institutional buy in, to marketing. We candidly discuss how we attempted to transitioned from a beta to full fledged library service. We also be sharing how to draft a best practices document and training materials for staff. Our goal for the presentation is to offer you insight into our project, its successes and have you take away ideas and strategies from our two year journey into Text Reference.
Publication Date
February, 2010
Citation Information
Michelle Jacobs and Brena Smith. "Text to Fit: Text Messaging Services and Your Library" Handheld Librarian Conference II (2010)
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