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To Springshare (and Beyond) Integration
Springshare: SpringyCamp (2012)
  • Michelle Jacobs-Lustig, Pepperdine University
Pepperdine University has given many of its services a virtual facelift. Gone are the paper stats sheets and study room sign-up clip boards - in are the mobile room scheduling apps and easy to use online stats forms. Gone is the back and forth emailing with students for one-on-one session - in is the one-click session scheduler. For the users this new easy to use transformation has been “magical.” For the staff, things are going smoothly and time can be managed more effectively. However could this all be possible in a time when library budgets are shrinking rather than growing? Springshare! Since Fall of 2010, Pepperdine has added several tools from the Springshare family and will soon be upgrading to Campus Guides. Learn how we are transforming our services, helping our patrons and reducing staff workload all with the tap of a finger (insert ipad here). This presentation will feature LibCal (with Room Bookings and My Scheduler), LibAnalytics, CampusGuides (with creativ! uses of modules) and more.
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Publication Date
Spring April 13, 2012
Citation Information
Michelle Jacobs-Lustig. "To Springshare (and Beyond) Integration" Springshare: SpringyCamp (2012)
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