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A Competitive Edge in the Information Society
UCLA (2007)
  • Michelle Jacobs
In Summer 2007, I became a member of two Information Literacy Program (ILP) subgroups, Informational Technology and Professional Development. I am especially proud of the work I was able to accomplish with ILP-PD. During my time on the committee we were able to bring Nedra Petterson to campus for her presentation “It Came from Hollywood.” As a follow-up I organized and co-presented; “We are Going Hollywood.” This was a workshop on how to enhance your PowerPoint presentations by adding clips from YouTube and DVDs. I also reviewed Keynote and how you can use to impress the crowd. This program was held in College Library in May of 2009. Another Program that I presented for ILP was shortly after my arrival at UCLA was A Competitive Edge in the Information Society. I was scheduled to present at another workshop in Washington State, so I created a video presentation.
Publication Date
October, 2007
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Michelle Jacobs. "A Competitive Edge in the Information Society" UCLA (2007)
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