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About Michelle Jacobs-Lustig

Most recently I was the Librarian for Instructional Design, Outreach and Training and the Coordinator of the Academic Center for Excellence at Pepperdine University. Recently I have decided to change career paths and am now working for Springshare, helping support librarians and create tools that provide better access to library resources. I have had many wonderful opportunities to work in a variety of libraries. Including, the University of California, Los Angeles, as one of the founding librarians at the University of California, Merced, Occidental College and the New York Public Library. My passion is to help create the best user experience possible and to help libraries remain relevant in the digital age. My research explores information seeking behaviors of undergraduates and developing web content for visual learners. I hope to help reshape the way libraries and librarians interact with technology and design, an essential component of the library in the 21st century.

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Instructional Design and Instructional Space Design

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