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Using fuzzy Delphi method in maintenance strategy selection problem
Journal of Uncertain Systems (2008)
  • Azizolah Jafari
  • Mehdi Jafarian
  • Alireza Zarei
  • Farzad Zarepour

In this paper, a new approach that applies fuzzy Delphi method in Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) is proposed to be used in the Maintenance Strategy Selection Problem (MSSP). This approach is based on representation of the importance of goals and each strategy capabilities to satisfy each maintenance goals with fuzzy numbers. Fuzzy Delphi method is applied for the assessment of the importance of each goal and capability of each maintenance strategy, considering the expert’s opinion. This method considers both tangible and intangible goals dealing with the selection problem. Fuzzy Delphi method generates an L-R fuzzy number that measures information about the nature of opinions more adequately. Yager ranking method is used in transforming fuzzy numbers in the selection problem. Finally, through a heuristic algorithm, the main steps of the proposed method are presented.

  • maintenance,
  • maintenance strategy selection problem,
  • fuzzy Delphi method,
  • fuzzy numbers,
  • SAW method
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Azizolah Jafari, Mehdi Jafarian, Alireza Zarei and Farzad Zarepour. "Using fuzzy Delphi method in maintenance strategy selection problem" Journal of Uncertain Systems Vol. 2 Iss. 4 (2008)
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