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Fiction Writing: Building Vivid Scenes
Boise State - Beyond the Blue Faculty Podcasts (2011)
  • Mitch Wieland, Boise State University

Scene writing is the cornerstone of contemporary fiction. This podcast will briefly explore how scene came to dominate modern narratives. Our focus will then shift to tips on constructing vivid moments of real time in your own writing. We will break a scene down into its component parts, and consider how these elements should work in relationship to each other. We will discuss ways to build scenes in novels and short stories that capture the reader’s heart and mind. To finish, we’ll offer an overview of the larger issues of effective scene construction.

Publication Date
October 15, 2011
Citation Information
Mitch Wieland. "Fiction Writing: Building Vivid Scenes" Boise State - Beyond the Blue Faculty Podcasts (2011)
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