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Three-component model and tricritical points: A renormalization-group study.
Physical Review B (1981)
  • Miron Kaufman
  • Robert B. Griffiths, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Julia M. Yeomans
  • Michael E. Fisher, Cornell University

The global phase diagram for a three-component lattice gas or spin-one Ising model with general single-site and nearest-neighbor "ferromagnetic" interactions is worked out for twodimensional lattices using a Migdal-Kadanoff recursion relation. It differs in important qualitative respects from the corresponding mean-field phase diagram. The set of fixed points and flows provides the characteristic'phase diagrams of the three-state Potts multicritical point and the ordinary (n =1) tricritical point in a complete set of symmetry-breaking fields. The latter is associated, in this renormalization-group scheme, with seven distinct critical fixed points, a number which is surprisingly large.

Publication Date
April 1, 1981
Citation Information
Miron Kaufman, Robert B. Griffiths, Julia M. Yeomans and Michael E. Fisher. "Three-component model and tricritical points: A renormalization-group study." Physical Review B Vol. 23 Iss. 7 (1981)
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