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Status of Latino Education in Massachusetts: A Report
Gastón Institute Publications
  • Nicole Lavan, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Miren Uriarte, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Research Report
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Educational reform has brought great improvements in educational outcomes for Massachusetts students. In the past decade, achievement scores have risen for all students in Massachusetts; today the Commonwealth ranks first among all states in the overall National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores. However, it also ranks among the five states with the widest “gap” in achievement between white and Latino students in both NAEP Math and Reading. These gaps in achievement show that the benefits are not reaching all children. Latinos especially, but also African American children, are often left behind in a state with excellent academic institutions. Examining the status of the most vulnerable of Massachusetts’ students is both timely and important.
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Nicole Lavan and Miren Uriarte. "Status of Latino Education in Massachusetts: A Report" (2008)
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