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Morton Downey Jr. Show: Adoption Part III
  • Mirah Riben

This is a separate broadcast on a different day than Parts 1 and 2. It features a softer, far less angry (still smoking) Downey.

Carol Gustavson, founder Adoptive Parents for Open Records

Bill Pierce, President, National Conference for Adoption, talks about the horrors of allowing adoptees access, including mothers coming back and snatching their kids, interfering with them at school and kidnapping them! He favors mutual consent registries.

Don Humphrey, adoptee and attorney for the American Adoption Congress

Mary Anne Giello, birthmother and supervisor of Golden Cradle

Jill Bowen, reunited adoptee

  • adoption,
  • open records,
  • equal access
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Mirah Riben. "Morton Downey Jr. Show: Adoption Part III" (1989)
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