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Adopted then Discarded: Online Child Trafficking
Dissident Voice (2013)
  • Mirah Riben

Re-homing is a euphanism for the practice of adoptive parents giving away adopted children to total strangers they find on the internet, including pedophiles.

The dangers are described as well as the lack of legal reprussion for adopters who rid themselves of their permanent obligation -- without any social workers or attorneys involved.

The problem that most impacts internationally adopted children is not new. It's been exposed and reported on before and nothing has been done to protect innocent children put in harms way.

At the root are failed adoptions which result from adopters unprepared for the problems fcaed by older and institutionalized children. Suggestions are made to curb these disrupted adoptions by reducing international adoptions.

  • re-homing,
  • adoption failure,
  • disrupted,
  • underground,
  • child trafficking
Publication Date
October 19, 2013
Citation Information
Mirah Riben. "Adopted then Discarded: Online Child Trafficking" Dissident Voice (2013)
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