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Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities: Genetic Inheritance
Dissident Voice (2013)
  • Mirah Riben, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway

Article raises questions facing society today: What responsibilities do biological parents have to the products of their DNA? Where do one’s right to know their roots, heritage, lineage – their truth – end, and another’s right to privacy or anonymity begin? If your genetic material, your DNA, becomes part of another human being, what right of privacy do you have, whether you raise the child or not? What rights do your offspring have to your DNA once it becomes his or hers? Is it realistic for anyone to have an expectation of secret-keeping in today’s world of high-tech search tools and social media? Can anything – or anyone – remain a secret anymore? Does anyone have a right to expect that their secrets would or should be kept private? Do we as a society owe secret-keepers privacy or protection? Does the right to keep a secret override the need of those created through secret or intentionally anonymous means to know their genetic reality? Also discussed are designer babies.

  • reproductive technologies,
  • DNA,
  • rights,
  • sperm donor,
  • egg donor,
  • DI,
  • adoption,
  • genetics,
  • geneaology
Publication Date
October 17, 2013
Citation Information
Mirah Riben. "Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities: Genetic Inheritance" Dissident Voice (2013)
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