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Model and Algorithm of Materials Inventory Based on Substitution Rate
Systems Engineering - Theory & Practice (2011)
  • Yinfeng Xu
  • Minjiao Zhang
  • Min Yu
  • Haiyan Yu
Under study material reserve has a limited capacity and demand is unknown circumstances, consider having an alternative between a variety of materials should be how to determine the amount of each reserve materials, so that all reserve materials in meeting the needs of the utility as large as possible to bring supplies reserve issue. of alternative materials between the analyzed and give the definition of utility replacement rate, the establishment of a general reserve material based on this model to analyze the difference between this model and the model knapsack problem and the assignment problem between models and contact. for a special case of this problem a utility designed replacement rate greedy algorithm and analyze the performance of the algorithm. Finally, a numerical example illustrates the introduction of the replacement rate can improve the effectiveness of material reserves.
  • Utility replacement rate,
  • material reserves,
  • greedy algorithms,
  • approximation ratio
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Yinfeng Xu, Minjiao Zhang, Min Yu and Haiyan Yu. "Model and Algorithm of Materials Inventory Based on Substitution Rate" Systems Engineering - Theory & Practice (2011)
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