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Interactive Visualization of New Jersey Gang Data
Journal of Gang Research (2013)
  • Manfred Minimair, Seton Hall University

This article describes the design and functionality of an online visualization software of data from a survey on gang activities in New Jersey municipalities. The visualization enables the user to explore the distribution of numbers of gang sets across different municipalities in New Jersey, and study certain derived information. The purpose of the visualization is to make data from the gang survey easily and universally accessible through some engaging visual display, to facilitate seamless exploration of the data, and to thus foster discourse on the data among experts and the general public. In order to achieve these goals, bubble charts, enhanced by various interactive devices, are proposed as the fundamental visualization technique used in the software design. The resulting interactive visualization software can be accessed on one of Seton Hall University’s WEB servers and runs in the user’s WEB browser.

  • gang research,
  • gang data,
  • New Jersey,
  • New Jersey State Police
Publication Date
Winter 2013
Publisher Statement
The pdf link provides a preprint version of the paper. The url refers to the Flash application of the paper.
Citation Information
Manfred Minimair. "Interactive Visualization of New Jersey Gang Data" Journal of Gang Research Vol. 20 Iss. 2 (2013)
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