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Distributed Computation of Determinants with NTL and MPI
Book of Abstracts of ECCAD 05 (2005)
  • Min Hur, Seton Hall University
  • Manfred Minimair, Seton Hall University

The goal of this undergraduate research project is to efficiently compute determinants of square matrices with integer entries by utilizing computer networks and multi-processor computers. This project is partially supported by the NSF grant CCF 0430741 (principal investigator: Manfred Minimair). The speed-up performance of the program we developed, is quite substantial. For sufficiently large matrices the speed-up is almost equal to the number of worker nodes on a network of PCs. For example, with 7 worker nodes the speed-up is 6.9 for a 2500-by-2500 matrix.

  • determinant,
  • distributed computation
Publication Date
I. Ajwa
Ashland University, Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Citation Information
Min Hur and Manfred Minimair. "Distributed Computation of Determinants with NTL and MPI" Ashland, Ohio, USABook of Abstracts of ECCAD 05 (2005)
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