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Connecting People with Online Resources: The Instructional Architect (PBL)
Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences - OCW
  • Mimi Recker, Utah State University
  • Andrew Walker, Utah State University
  • Heather Leary, Utah State University
  • Linda Sellers, Utah State University
  • Lei Ye, Utah State University
  • M. Brooke Robertshaw, Utah State University
Publication Date
The National Science Foundation ( has funded a large initiative to catalog collections of high-quality online resources into the National Science Digital Library ( The mission of the NSDL is to help improve education for all teachers and students. The purpose of this module is to help you find high-quality online resources, learn strategies for incorporating them into a free software tool called the Instructional Architect, and use these projects in an instructional situation. In this module, you will learn to access online resources and to use tools to help solve instructional or learning problems or issues that you currently face in your classroom. You will also learn about reviewing IA projects to help you in choosing projects you can reuse and in designing your own.

This course focuses on learning the technology while incorporating problem-based leanring techniques and is an update to the 2009 course. View a similar course that focuses on technology only. Copyright 2011, by the Contributing Authors. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Citation Information
Mimi Recker, Andrew Walker, Heather Leary, Linda Sellers, et al.. "Connecting People with Online Resources: The Instructional Architect (PBL)" (2011)
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