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Instructional Architect Teacher Professional Development Handouts
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Research
  • Mimi Recker, Utah State University
  • Andrew Walker, Utah State University
  • M. Brooke Robertshaw, Utah State University
  • Linda Sellers, Utah State University
  • Heather M. Leary, Utah State University
Document Type
Workshop Materials
Publication Date
Three handouts for the teacher professional development workshops on the Instructional Architect (IA). Starting spring 2009 the face-to-face workshop was changed to be three different days of learning about how to use the IA, inquiry based and problem based learning, evaluation of IA projects with a rubric, and creating IA projects.
Visit DL Connect to learn more about the research and professional development workshops taught by this group.
Visit the Instructional Architect, a free online tool for creating lesson plans and incorporating online educational resources into the classroom.
Citation Information
Mimi Recker, Andrew Walker, M. Brooke Robertshaw, Linda Sellers, et al.. "Instructional Architect Teacher Professional Development Handouts" (2009)
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