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Indicator Analysis for Unpacking Poverty in New York City
Publications and Research
  • Jochen Albrecht, CUNY Hunter College
  • Mimi Abramovitz, CUNY Hunter College
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This article presents work that is part of a larger and ongoing research agenda exploring the persistence of health and social problems in some parts of New York City. To this end, the authors have developed a GIS framework that translates a highly diverse set of variables into neighborhood indicators that can help local residents as well as decision makers to understand the relationship between “place” and individual behavior. Using the example of two new indices, Community Loss and Neighborhood Risks, the readers will learn how data can be transformed to emphasize the communal nature of phenomena that is typically understood only in relations to individuals.
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Jochen Albrecht and Mimi Abramovitz. "Indicator Analysis for Unpacking Poverty in New York City" (2014)
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