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NFPA 20: Changes to the Standard on Fire Pumps
Consulting Specifying Engineer (2012)
  • Milosh Puchovsky, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Fire pumps serve as critical and essential components of many water-based fire protection systems such as sprinkler, standpipe, foam water, water spray, and water mist for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Advisory language was added to explicitly state that the purpose for the "Not Sprinklered" heading in the table is to identify the type of fire protection for the fire pump in unsprinklered buildings--that is, the pump room needs to be separated from the remainder of the building by 2-hour-rated construction, or the pump house needs to be located at least 50 ft from the building served by the pump house.

Publication Date
November 15, 2012
Citation Information
Milosh Puchovsky. "NFPA 20: Changes to the Standard on Fire Pumps" Consulting Specifying Engineer (2012)
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