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Big Bang Thermodynamical Faults
Physics Essays (1992)
  • Milan Meszaros

We previously showed some thermodynamical contradictions in standard cosmology on an axiomatic basis [Phys. Essays 3, 284 (1990)]. In the present paper the roots of thermodynamical contradictions in the standard hot model (SHM), which arise from cosmology, are investigated using the above-mentioned axiomatic basis. Furthermore, we illustrate inadequacies in the attempts at finding solutions to the examined anomalies [Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 46, 153 (1989)].

  • standard cosmology,
  • standard Friedmann-Lamaitre model,
  • standard hot model,
  • physical hydrodynamics,
  • piezotropic continuum,
  • polytropic change of state of piezotropic continuum,
  • barotropic continuum,
  • kappa problem,
  • thermodynamical inconsistencies
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Milan Meszaros. "Big Bang Thermodynamical Faults" Physics Essays Vol. 5 Iss. 4 (1992)
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