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Transparent Solar Windows From Labs to Industry, Towards Smart Cities - Encyclopedia- Oct 2019.pdf
Transparent Solar Windows: From Labs to Industry, Towards Smart Cities (2019)
  • Mohammad Nur-E-Alam, Edith Cowan University
  • Mikhail Vasiliev
  • Kamal Alameh, Edith Cowan University
Many modern glass and window products are based on metal-dielectric coatings, which can control properties such as thermal emissivity, heat gain, colour, and transparency. These can also enable solar energy harvesting through PV integration, if the glazing structure is purpose-designed, to include luminescent materials and special microstructures. Recently, significant progress has been demonstrated in building integrated transparent solar windows, which are expected to add momentum towards the development of smart cities. These window systems are, at present in 2019, the only type of transparent and clear construction materials capable of providing significant energy savings in buildings, simultaneously with renewable energy generation.
  • renewables,
  • energy saving and generation,
  • solar windows,
  • built environments,
  • photovoltaics,
  • advanced glazings
Publication Date
Fall October 29, 2019
Citation Information
Mohammad, Nur E Alam; Mikhail, Vasiliev. Transparent Solar Windows: From Labs to Industry, Towards Smart Cities, Encyclopedia, 2019, v1, Available online:
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