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Application-specific oxide-based and metal-dielectric thin film materials prepared by RF magnetron sputtering preprints201908.0184.v1.pdf
  • Mohammad Nur-E-Alam, Edith Cowan University
  • Wade Lonsdale
  • Mikhail Vasiliev
  • Kamal Alameh, Edith Cowan University
We report on the development of several different thin-film functional material systems prepared by RF magnetron sputtering at Edith Cowan University nanofabrication labs. We conduct research on the design, prototyping, and practical fabrication of high-performance magneto-optic (MO) materials, oxide based sensor components, and heat regulation coatings for advanced construction and solar windows.
  • thin films,
  • coatings,
  • magneto-optics,
  • sensors,
  • glass,
  • heat regulation
Publication Date
Summer August 18, 2019
Preprint of article for MDPI Materials
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