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About Mike McAuley

I have been involved in design practice and education since the 1980s. The bulk of my experience in teaching design was served at Massey University in New Zealand where i was for 19 years the Major co-ordinator of Illustration, a sub-disciplne of Visual Communication Design. I regard the relationship between my teaching and research as a nexus whereby each informs and enriches the other. This has led not only to published outputs, but also a number of teaching excellence awards. In 2013 I was invited on to the editorial board of the journal 'Art, design and Communications in Higher Education'. My research focuses on the creative process and I am particularly interested in how ideas originate and are developed in visual form. From an epistemological perspective my work posits that design creativity not only uses tacit knowledge but that explicit thinking methods can also be identified during a creative act. Within an educational context this is signifiant, as meta-cognitive awareness of process can assist students in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the own creative process. This awareness can, my research argues, assist students in developing better learning strategies and also assist their reflective process.


Present Senior lecturer, University of Newcastle - Australia
Present Dr, University of Newcastle - Australia

Curriculum Vitae