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Study of the Inhibition of the Corrosion of 70Cu30Zn alloy in 0.1M HNO3 Solution.
Faculty of Sciences (2002)
  • Mihit Mohammed
Our subject was focused on the corrosion inhibition of 70Cu30Zn alloy in 0.1M HNO3 Solution by 3,amino1,2,4- triazole (ATA). Two experimental techniques have been used such as weight-loss and electrochemical polarization measurements. The results obtained reveal that the addition of this compound reduces preferentially the corrosion of 70Cu30Zn alloy in nitric acid medium. The adsorption of triazolic compounds tested on the alloy surface was important. Moreover the inhibition efficiency calculated was found to attain 95% in the presence of (ATA) at the concentration 0.01M.. The polarization curves I-E show that these four inhibitors are mixed. The adsorption of PMT on the surface of copper and its two alloys follows the model of the Langmuir isotherm. The evolution of the corrosion rate and the inhibition efficiency depend on the immersion time and the room temperature. The comparison of results obtained in this work, through methods Gravimetric and electrochemical transient and stationary use, shows a satisfactory consistency.
  • Brass,
  • corrosion,
  • inhibition,
  • triazole.
Publication Date
June 15, 2002
Citation Information
Mihit Mohammed. "Study of the Inhibition of the Corrosion of 70Cu30Zn alloy in 0.1M HNO3 Solution." Faculty of Sciences (2002)
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