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Taxation under media capture
Economics Bulletin (2012)
  • Mihai Mutascu, West University of Timisoara
The paper investigates the implication of mass-media freedom on the level of taxation, using a panel-model approach. The data-set covers the period 2002-2010, including 120 states. The main obtained finding suggests a nonlinear cubic function, with U and inverted U-shapes. Except the minimal states, the study suggests that a significant increase of taxes, without a major negative reaction of taxpayers, can be facile obtained if the mass-media is free or moderate controlled by govern and/or other interested groups. The policy response reaction has the same intensity in both cases.
  • Taxation,
  • Media,
  • Connection,
  • Effects,
  • Panel-model,
  • Nonlinearity
Publication Date
Fall October 5, 2012
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Citation Information
Mihai Mutascu. "Taxation under media capture" Economics Bulletin Vol. 32 Iss. 4 (2012)
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