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Management of Testicular Seminoma Following Organ transplantation.
Medical and Pedicatric Oncology (1992)
  • Miguel A. Villalona Calero, M.D., Baptist Health South Florida
An increased incidence of malignancies has occurred in recipients of organ transplantation who are immunosuppressed. Although testicular cancers have been uncommon, seminomas are extremely rare. Two patients with long-standing diabetes mellitus and renal transplants developed clinical stage I seminoma of the testis. These patients posed a therapeutic problem with respect to the use of radiation therapy. In one, none was given because of a combination of kidney rejection and antibiotic-induced renal damage. The second patient received radiation therapy with shielding of the transplanted kidney. The surgical distortion of lymph node architecture increases the problems in the use of radiation therapy. Individual factors need to be considered in the use of postorchiectomy radiation therapy for seminoma in transplant patients.
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Miguel A. Villalona Calero. "Management of Testicular Seminoma Following Organ transplantation." Medical and Pedicatric Oncology Vol. 20 Iss. 4 (1992) p. 338 - 340 ISSN: 0098-1532
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