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Effects of preshot routine time and movements on free throw shooting performance
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  • Mickey Gay Mack, University of Northern Iowa
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  • Basketball--Shooting; Sports--Psychological aspects;
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects that length of preshot routine and use of a set sequence of movements have on free throw shooting in basketball. Seventeen members comprising the University of Northern Iowa intercollegiate men's basketball team attempted 20 free throws in each of four different conditions: (1) normal routine, (2) normal routine with lengthened time, (3) altered routine with normal time, and (4) altered routine with lengthened time. For the altered time condition, subjects used a minimum of 200% of their normal time. For the altered routine condition, subjects used a routine provided by the researcher. Free throw performance was measured using an objective 5-point scoring system. MANOVA revealed significant effects for routine (E = 5.9548, Q. < .05). Neither time (E = 0.2164, Q. > .05) nor routine by time reached significance (E = 0.8987, Q. > .05). Results indicated that the movements in the routine had a significant effect on performance while length of time did not have a significant effect on performance. It was concluded, therefore, that coaches and athletes need to establish and repeatedly use a comfortable movement pattern with less concern regarding the precise timing in performing that routine.
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Master of Arts
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Sharon Huddleston, Chair
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Mickey Gay Mack. "Effects of preshot routine time and movements on free throw shooting performance" (1991)
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