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Exploring the “Logic” of Topos with Sun Wukong
Globalizing Japanese Philosophy As an Academic Discipline (2017)
  • Michiko Yusa
The book is divided into two parts, namely, "Japanese Philosophy: Teaching and Research in the Global World;" and "Japanese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline." In the first part, there are reports of the situation of teaching and research of Japanese philosophy. The areas discussed are Japan, Canada, France, Spain and English-speaking regions. In the second part, there will be papers on varies topics on Japanese philosophy, such as papers on Nishida Kitaro, Kuki Shuzo, Tanabe Hajime to contemporary thinker such as Sakabe Megumi. These papers not only show the topics on Japanese philosophical debates, but also are the potential of Japanese philosophical thoughts.
  • Sun Wukong,
  • Topos
Publication Date
April 3, 2017
Ching-Yuen Cheung and Wing-Keung Lam
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Gmbh & Co
Global East Asia (Book 6)
Citation Information
Michiko Yusa. "Exploring the “Logic” of Topos with Sun Wukong" Globalizing Japanese Philosophy As an Academic Discipline (2017) p. 149 - 166
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