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Nishida and the Question of Nationalism
Monumenta Nipponica (1991)
  • Michiko Yusa
In his review of Professor David Dilworth's translation of Nishida Kitaro's last essays, Last Writings: Nothingness and the Religious Worldview, in MN 43:3 (1988), pp. 353-62, Professor Valdo H. Viglielmo raised two questions that he wished Dilworth had addressed in his introduction. They were (1) the connection between Zen no Kenkyu and Bashoteki Ronri to Shu-kyoteki Sekaikan, Nishida's first and last writings, and (2) Nishida's historical perspective and view of the nation as expressed in his final work. These two points are well taken, but I will here address only the second one. The clarification of the first point will have to wait for another occasion.
  • Nishida Kitaro
Publication Date
Summer 1991
Publisher Statement
Published by Sophia University
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Michiko Yusa. "Nishida and the Question of Nationalism" Monumenta Nipponica Vol. 46 Iss. 2 (1991) p. 203 - 210
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