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Gebruikersperspektief in die Afrikaanse leksikografie/User's perspective in the Afrikaans lexicography (Stellenbosch University)
  • Michele Van Der Merwe, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The purpose of this study is to investigate the user perspective in Afrikaans lexicography. Placing the user and his needs first, was done to determine the user friendliness of Afrikaans dictionaries. In order to conduct such research user target groups had to be identifies. This was problematic, since until now, almost no research on Afrikaans dictionary users had been done. An overview of the research on the user perspective is given in the first chapter. Since the teaching of dictionary use in schools forms a substantial part of the user perspective, the present state was investigated. As a result the necessity of teaching of dictionary use in schools has been emphasized and some improvements in this regard have been suggested. The following dictionaries were studied to determine their user friendliness: Verklarende Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (HAT) and Verklarende Afrikaanse Woordeboek (VAW), Basiswoordeboek van Afrikaans (BA), Reader's Digest Afrikaans-Engelse Woordeboek/English-Afrikaans Dictionary (RD) and Groot Tesourus van Afrikaans (GT). These dictionaries were investigated with regard to their functions, textual segments and transfer of information. Some more user-friendly models for dictionaries have been suggested. The study is aimed at the metalexicographer, since it has been approached from a theoretical point of view, but also at the practical lexicographer because practical dictionary use has been investigated. Ultimately, it is hoped that this study will contribute towards more user-friendly dictionaries that put the user first.

  • Afrikaans language,
  • Grammar
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Michele Van Der Merwe. "Gebruikersperspektief in die Afrikaanse leksikografie/User's perspective in the Afrikaans lexicography (Stellenbosch University)" (1999)
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