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About Michelle B. Sabick

Dr. Sabick earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa and a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining the faculty at Boise State, she worked as a biomechanics researcher at the Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation in Vail, Colorado and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at the Mayo Clinic.
A faculty member since 2002, Dr. Sabick's teaching interests include biomechanics and undergraduate dynamics. She is director of the Intermountain Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Biomechanics Research Laboratory, located in MEC 105. Dr. Sabick is also co-director of the Center for Orthopaedic and Biomechanics Research at Boise State, a consortium of several research labs on campus devoted to studying the human musculoskeletal system from a biomechanical perspective.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Biomechanics of Shoulder and Knee and Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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Honors and Awards

  • 2010-present, Office of Technology Transfer Fellow, Boise State University
  • 2006 Professor of the Year, College of Engineering, Boise State University
  • 2007 Recipient of a $115,641 National Football League Research Grant
  • 1997 NRSA Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory, Mayo Clinic


  • ME 597: Research Methods in Biomechanics
  • ENGR 220: Engineering Dynamics
  • ME 456/556 – Solid Biomechanics

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